About Me

Hey there! I'm a 23yo Masters student of Applied Computer Science at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, and I'm also working part-time as an HPC researcher at the GWDG. When I'm not busy studying or working, I try to get a lot of physical activity into my day.

In my free time, I mainly currently aspire to get more proficient in Rust. Rust's focus on safety, with features like exhaustive pattern matching and sum type ADTs like Result and Option instead of nullability are so neat. I also like that it allows for a more pragmatic approach to programming that still emphasizes functional programming concepts, without forcing you to completely rethink everything in a purely functional, declarative manner like Haskell does.

I am also more and more focused on maximizing the pareto principle. As learned by a life time of video games, the coolest way to solve a problem is the non-traditional approach. Thinking out of the box, solving it from first principles instead of following the tried and true way.

Once I have more time, this will be replaced by a proper bio!