Impossible List

Created: 2022-04-16

Last Updated: 2023-04-15


Todo will be written whenever I want to polish this website for now look at Thomas Frank.

Academic Goals

  • Finish my Bachelors Thesis (15.12.2022, see here!)
    • Finish my Bachelors Degree (08.03.2023)
  • Finish my Masters Thesis
  • Publish my First Paper

Programming Goals

  • Publish my first real life project (06.03.2023, it's Ankiding!)
  • Publish my first library (14.08.2022, see nchainz)
    • Publish my first useful library
  • Give my first programming talk (09.02.2022, TODO add link once the talks repo is available)
    • Now give it in real life (26.04.2022, Video follows!)
  • Win my first Hackathon (25.05.2019, Spacehack!)
  • Compete at a competitive programming contest (12.11.2022)
    • Compete at 10 contests
    • Have one where you don't completely suck
  • Complete a Advent of Code
  • Participate in a Hacktoberfest with useful contributions

Open Source Projects I want to participate in

  • Something at the Rust Core
  • Anki

Specific Software I want to write

  • A Game Hack
  • A specific anti-distraction Browser Plug-In

Books I want to finish

Fitness and Health


  • Run a 5k in under 30min
    • Run a 5k in under 25min (09.09.2022, Sparkassenlauf, 23:01)
      • Run a 10k in under 1h (15.01.2023, in 54:55 on a treadmill)
        • Run a half marathon in under 2h
      • Run a 5k in under 20min
  • Complete a timed half marathon (15.07.2022, 03:03:51)
    • Complete a timed full marathon
  • Run at a formal event (09.09.2022)
  • Complete the Goggins 4x4x48
  • Run the Brockenlauf Half Marathon


  • 0.5 plate OHP
  • 1.5 plate bench
  • 1 plate squat with proper form
  • 2 plate DL


  • Be able to do a split
  • Be able to do a third world squat for a long period of time


  • Learn Rope Skipping
  • Learn how to open a bottle with a lighter


  • Do a 24h fast (23.03.2023)
  • Do a 48h fast
  • Do a 72h fast
  • Do 7 day streak of 16-8 fasting
    • Do 30 day streak of 16-8 fasting


  • 100 days of no smoking (11.04.2023, still going strong!)
    • 365 days of no smoking
  • 100 days of no YouTube
    • Forbidden until I developed a tool to manage my usage
  • 100 days of no soda

Other goals

  • Publish my first Youtube Video (Master Theorem Visually Explained, 18.09.2022)
  • Write my first proper blog article (not just technical notes)
  • Get completely rid of my lisp